Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Becca Every Day: Day 100 and Meet Bobbi!

In celebration of my hundredth day of investigating my style, I bring you....
Bobbi:  Yogi, Baker, Confectioner, Hiker, Life-Liver, Lover. 21.

Bobbi and I met through my mom, they had yoga teacher training together. I think they became friends because my mom knew I was moving back to LA and would need a cool friend to hike and do yoga with. Little did any of us know, we would go on one of the most exhilarating trips and conquer half dome with each other.

Bobbi is pretty much down to do or try anything. She drives demolition derby cars with her dad and sisters in Arizona, and makes the most delectable vegan chocolates. Bobbi is one of the bravest and sweetest people I've ever met. Hands down.

Because she's so brave, she volunteered to be my style experiment guinea pig! So we're going to see what Bobbi likes to wear and why.

Outfit one: Go-To Everyday Outfit

"Floral/Paisley Romper:  Bought it at Goodwill, about six months ago. 
I love Goodwill, it’s like a treasure hunt! The romper is great for lots of different occasions and even looks nice in professional settings.  It is one of those outfits that may not be the most convenient (peeing in rompers without zippers is horrible) but I always get compliments on it so I continue to wear it."


"Shoes:  Found them at one of those crazy 50% off all sale items sales at Urban Outfitters.
Ring:   My grandpa gave it to me, It was my Grandmother’s.
Mala and Om Bracelets:  My mala was strung by a friend of mine with 7 different stones representing the 7 chakras. I found my yellow miracle beads at a store in Joshua tree and my Om bracelet in a little shop in Santa Monica. I wear my bracelets daily to remind me of my journey and to help keep me grounded.
Airplane Necklace:   My sister gave it to me when I graduated from college.
Belt:  A gift from my sister and mother from Christmas a few years ago, wear it with almost everything."

Outfit Two: Comfy

"Sweat Pants: Champion Brand from target, I jump in these things as soon as I can when I get home.
Sports bra: Champion Brand from target, I love how thick these ones are. They give support without being constrictive.
Sweater: Target. Sweaters and cardigans always make me feel comfortable, It’s like being bundled up! This one is great because it’s really light so I can have that comfort without dying of heat if I want to wear it in the summer."


(Dressing for someone other than yourself, i.e. the control!)

"Navy collared dress with back cutouts: bought it at urban outfitters, I love how it fits me. I feel like it compliments my shape really well because I'm curvy and it accentuates my waste. Without a sweater it has cutouts in the back which makes it a cute summer dress and with a cardigan it instantly becomes more professional because of the collar and solid color. 

The shoes are some of my absolute favorites, they're modeled to be a throwback to women's work shoes from the twenties that were fashionable in the front with a thicker heal and more support so that you can stand on them for long periods of time. I always get compliments on them and they're a great way to catch attention because they are unique but not distracting, I want someone to interview me, not my shoes. Overall this outfit makes me feel comfortable and professional, without being too casual or too stuffy."

L: Collaborative "Faves" outift
R: All the faves, all together. (squeeeeeeeILOVEIT)

"Burgundy pants:  awesome find from Marshall's. I love the cut, fit and material! 
Docs: I'm a huge fan of docs. I have about five pairs. Most of which were my sister's in highschool so they are super broken in and comfy. I'm a big boots with dresses girl too, and I love pairing docs with a cute dress. 
Blue velvet flats with gold studs: found them at cross roads on a random Sunday shopping with Becca and her mama after yoga.
These are some of the only flats I can actually wear because my feet have a strange shape and flats are normally painful, plus they're cute and remind me of Elton John.  
BDG shorts: urban outfitters. I love that they are not too short and not too long. I also really love the detailing on the sides.
Gold elephant buckle belt: Lucky. I've always had a connection with elephants for many reasons. One of my bucket list items is to give an elephant a bath. 
Green shirt: It has a really cool print on it and it's loose and flowy. I've been more into loosely cut tops lately.
Space mountain shirt: I love Disneyland. A lot. Especially throwback Disney. I found this shirt at the park and hated the boxy cut of it but loved the print so I just cut off the sleeves and I wear it with a cute bandeau or to yoga class and it's perfect! 
Flower necklace: I actually made this necklace in highschool when I went through a jewelry making phase. I love it because it reminds me of my own capabilities and creativity. It's a little token of where I've been and what I'm capable of.
Skull clock necklace: Got it from a street vendor when I was living in New York. I love clocks, I have multiple clocks in my apartment and lots of clock necklaces. I also really love skulls and skull jewelry so this was an awesome find!"

Bobbi teaches yoga at One Down Dog in Silverlake, CA and Yoga and movement to kids at Fusion Academy in Los Angeles, CA. She has her own blog called Spoonfuls of Bobbi !!

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