Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The First 30 Days: Face to Face with Myself

Take a picture every day and post it all over the internet to desensitize myself from having to put my best face on something that isn't real, or authentic. 

The WHY:
When I began this project, all I wanted was to become more comfortable with myself--just as I am.

It was bothersome to me to see people on facebook in their cute outfits, with their best hair, and clear faces--which weren't their real faces--I am totally guilty of this.

This way, I learn to celebrate myself in all of my outfits, feelings, moods, bad hair days (rare, because I LOVE my hair unconditionally) and share this with the world.

The HOW:
Take no more than 3 photos to choose from, not spruce my surroundings or myself up too much, and take a good, fast, clear picture. If the lighting wasn't optimal, fix it with a filter. The idea was to do this fast enough, that I wouldn't have time to mull over whatlooked like.

What happened?
side note: Even though this was supposed to be my own self-love journey, it was totally cool to see how people responded.

1) People told me how much they love my smile, and old friends told me thats what they remember the most about me.  Where had my smile gone, since then? Why don't I feel the need to shine light onto everything I see, everyone I meet?

2) People thought I was on a weight loss quest.  Thanks for all the support friends! But it turns out it's just hard showing your real self in a place where everyone is airbrushed, photoshopped, and posed into place! I heart you all!
Then THIS happened:
I started talking myself out of a lot of self hate by turning those feelings around, and trying to be an inspiration to others. THIS WAS SO AMAZING!!  I had no idea that I would want to share inspirational thoughts and feelings along with the photos, but that happened, and has become much bigger to me than what the photos themselves represent.

Okay, what you've all been waiting for.

The First 30.

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