Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sparkles and Metamorphic Rock


I made this! Amethyst and recycled Bullet!
It took a long time-Lots of self-actualization books, audio clips, and spending money on more craft supplies (I'm a craft supply hoarder--I know it won't keep me alive for an apocalypse, but at least it'll keep me entertained...) but I finally did it! 

I styled this: leather, metal, crystal, rock.
I spent a lot of time thinking...

most of my favorite things are sparkly. 
why can't I just be an artist?
what happens if I just do what I love, will I survive?

I spend a lot of time trolling the internet for ...

the perfect ring. 
the night sky.
rocks and crystals.

I styled this:  leather, brass, bakelite, seeds, crystal, stones.

Most things I read lately say, "be what you are, there's no one like you" or "pursue your dreams, you've only got one chance."
 Chances are you're good at what you like to do, or you like it enough to keep doing it and get better at it! 

Long story short, I sell sparkles*. BAM!

You can currently purchase them on or at the Mtn. View General Store on Dana st. 

*sparkles can make us feel energetic, pretty, magical, potent, full of life, inquisitive, lustful, passionate, and most of all encourage us to live an adventure and go on a quest! 

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