Monday, August 19, 2013

Wear the clothing, don't let it wear you!

I love clothing. Fact.
I love fabric and color. Fact.
I don't love feeling like I have to fit into a mold.

As I move through the world, trying to appreciate clothing, I also have to take into consideration that I wear things when I feel a certain way, and don't wear things when I feel like I don't fit in them. There's that mold again. When I was younger, I used to wear the weirdest things I could find to distract people from my very visible top-half buoyancy.

 My excuse for my loud outfits was,
 "I'm just wearing all of my favorite things at once!"

I'd always be known as the friend that can pull off any outfit, which was pretty cool. It wasn't that I had the confidence to wear IT, it was that my confidence was derived from wearing a mask of clothing. I felt like I was in costume and could escape from my insecurities for a day, or even just a moment.


SO. In an attempt to feel more comfortable in my skin, and not worry about the clothing on me, but whats inside the clothing, I am documenting my wardrobe on a day-to-day basis. I will take a picture of myself wearing whatever I put on, whether I'm a huge fan or not. This way, I won't be using digital photography to manipulate others into thinking I look fabulous all the time. I love being fabulous, but I feel like I'd rather be real these days. Maybe that will elevate my fabulous-ness in a whole new way!

In addition to photographing myself, I will be getting together with friends and experiment with their wardrobes and what their clothing makes them feel like.

A) Go-to favorite outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks.
B) The outfit that makes you feel super attractive, date outfit.
C) Most comfortable outfit (this one's gonna be hard, ya couch potatoes!)..(takes one to know one!)
D) All of your favorite things. All at once.

What does all of this even mean???

Let's find out why we wear what we do, and see if it makes us happy! 

What do these garments mean to us? How do they help us? How do they hinder us? What are we wearing because we have proof "works" to our advantage, and does what we want it to do?


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